The Art of WordPress Theme Design

Since 2006, I’ve been on a mission to improve and perfect the WordPress theming process. This journey continues today with the Thesis Theme, and you can join me by creating Thesis Skins of your own.

What’s a Skin, you ask? It’s just like a WordPress Theme, only simpler!

With traditional WordPress Themes, the designer must consider far too many technical things like standardized HTML markup, SEO concerns, and WordPress and Plugin compatibilities.

Thesis Skins eliminate the need for website owners, designers, and developers to consider hardcore technical stuff.

Even better, they open the door to amazing new possibilities thanks to a deep WordPress integration and a powerful API that makes it easy to do anything with your website.

Below you’ll find the original introductory articles to my WordPress Themes. For current information on Thesis, please check out my business website, DIYthemes.