About Chris Pearson and Pearsonified

If we’re gonna do labels, then I’m a software engineer, designer, speaker, golfer, and daddy.

But really, I’m just a freedom-loving, charismatic son of a b*tch.

I also have great hair.

Here are a few more Very Important Facts™ you need to know:

  • I created Thesis, the first and only data-driven design and template management system for WordPress. It makes smarter, faster, and more agile websites—like this one!
  • I also created Golden Ratio Typography—the key to gorgeous text and programmable layouts with perfect proportions.
  • My daughter, Presley, is 3.85 years old. Somehow, her hair is even better than my hair!
  • I make 700mL of pourover coffee every morning. I don’t use cream or sugar, but I do put a bunch of butter in each cup.
  • I stay in great shape and keep my energy levels high by walking while golfing, light resistance training, and maintaining a high fat, low carb (HFLC) diet.
  • My current golf handicap is 0.5.
  • Speaking of golf, I lived an unbelievable story shortly after the death of my dog, Mr. B. (Grab some tissues if you read this!)
  • I live in Austin, Texas, and have a thing for mid-century modern architecture.

The Most Innovative Guy in the History of WordPress Themes

For over a decade, my innovations have blazed new trails in the WordPress Theme ecosystem:

Custom CSS and custom functions have been the foundation for the Theme market of the last decade.

And Thesis extends into an entirely new realm where templates and HTML become live, customizable objects rather than just text in a file.

Ultimately, this takes all the technical work out of building and managing templates by eliminating the need to edit files or write HTML.

And the built-in CSS editor—equipped with dynamic variables and an SCSS preprocessor—makes it quick and easy to create any type of design.

In the right hands, Thesis can deliver the highest quality websites possible with WordPress. We’re talking lowest page weight, minimal resource usage, and absolutely no “fat” anywhere.

It is the only solution for discerning professionals and Very Smart People™ who want to run a website that completely minimizes digital waste.

About This Website

This website runs on WordPress, the Thesis Theme, and the Focus Skin for Thesis.

Literally everything is geared towards lightning-fast loading times, ease of reading, and resource efficiency. As a result, you are currently enjoying a finely-tuned experience regardless of your connection speed or browsing device.

Check out my resources page for more information about the tools you can use to crush it on the internet like I do.