I’m here to help you dominate the internet.

My name is Chris Pearson, and I create remarkable software you can use to run a blazing fast, laser-focused website…just like this one!

I also craft engaging content designed to get you into the mindset necessary to win online in the age of social media.

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Focus WordPress Theme
Focus WordPress Theme
  • Build a fast site that connects with your audience ⚡️
  • Create eye-catching pages that get results 👀
  • Conquer responsive design ↔️
  • Simplify your operating environment 🧹
  • Manage your site without help 🥷
  • Become confident in your website 😎

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Golden Ratio Typography

The world’s simplest and most powerful design system uses your selected font, font size, and the golden ratio to determine perfect proportions for your design.

Proportionality is the key to rapid prototyping and easy customizations.

With Golden Ratio Typography, you can change your font size, and your entire design will adjust to maintain golden proportionality. It’s like magic!

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