Mass Citation Events


This is how personalities get stronger after cancellation:

• Big account (BA) gets cancelled

• Audience immediately engages in mass citation by linking directly to BA’s best content

Mass exposure to BA’s content results thx to 2nd-order network effects

Citation is better than direct interaction.

Consider the case of Alex Jones—

He was banned from Twitter in August 2018.

This was an L, but he still had a high profile, a popular website, and many people wanted to interview him.

Joe Rogan was one of the first big shows to host Jones after his cancellation.

Every time Jones has appeared on Rogan, the show has been a smash hit.

But now those very episodes are problematic for Rogan in his relationship with Spotify.

He is paying for interacting with Jones

In other words…

Direct interaction carries a significant risk of ENTANGLEMENT.

But citation does not carry this same risk!

Rogan could have implored his audience to link to some content from Jones.

Jones gets the boost, Rogan takes on way less risk.


Over the past few years, we’ve seen many examples of the perils of direct interaction:

• Event venues getting cancelled
• Episodes being censored/removed
• Rats clamoring for cancellation by proxy

This KNOWN RISK stifles outcomes in a significant way!

But if we all SHIFT our thinking and elevate CITATION over direct interaction…

We can slyly introduce MORE of the audience to MORE of what Big Tech doesn’t want them to see!

We all know it’s time for a change.

How else will we bring it about unless we SHIFT WHAT WE DO?

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