Focus WordPress Theme

Focus is the world’s fastest and smartest WordPress Theme.

It’s also the only WordPress Theme designed for the way internet behavior has changed in the age of social media.

I built it because WordPress websites are fundamentally broken—they’re slow, clunky, hard to manage, and grossly overcomplicated.

It’s time for a generational change. It’s time for Focus.

Speed ⚡️

WordPress sites are slow. Focus makes your site fast.

Because it runs on my Thesis platform, Focus inherits optimizations and performance benefits no other WordPress Theme can match:

  • perfect HTML enhanced with structured data
  • the most optimized CSS that has ever existed
  • darn-near-magical design and display options

Data-driven for Easier Management 📊

Typical WordPress Themes run on files, and this means the bulk of your customizations will involve futzing with files and code.

Focus runs on data, which enables you to make changes through a simple UI instead of messing with files, code, or needing to hire a developer to perform otherwise-intuitive modifications.

You can quite literally do more with Focus, and you can do it faster!

Smarter Design Customizations 🧠

Focus is built on the Golden Ratio Typography design system, which gives it serious superpowers.

When you make a change—to a primary font size, for example—Focus smartly adjusts everything else in your design to accommodate this change. It’s basically AI for your design!

Designed for the Social Media Age 🤳

“Modern” WordPress Themes have it all wrong. They’re still designed for the previous era where blogs reigned and people actually browsed websites.

In the social media age, nobody does this anymore. We browse social media and occasionally click through to websites, but we don’t really browse sites anymore.

In other words, when we visit websites, we are looking for specific information. If the website doesn’t deliver quickly and clearly, we’ll leave and return to the dopamine-friendly social media environment.

Focus is designed around the transactions that take place in the social media age. When you visit a website, you want an immediate payoff for what you hoped to find.

But if the site is slow, busy, or otherwise gets in your way, you’re out of there!

Focus delivers clear results on all devices, which means your site will look great and work perfectly no matter how a person gets there.

Slow sites suck. Focus makes yours fast.

  • blazing speed that delights visitors
  • responsive and consistent design on all devices
  • optimized for both search engines and people
  • highly customizable without wrecking performance
  • easy to manage over time

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