Uncancellable: The Future of Your Content on the Internet

This tweet probably seems just like any other tweet, but there’s something extra special about it.


I published it on my own website, and I own it.

But I cross-posted it to Twitter so y’all could see it.

But that’s not all…

By publishing this second tweet, I just created a THREAD—the most viral and meaningful content you’ll find on this here birdsite.

Before today, threads have suffered from one severe limitation:

Twitter owns them and benefits from the traffic they receive.

That ain’t right!

You created that content, and you should benefit from it 😤

You should be able to monetize it.

You should be able to build an audience—away from Twitter—through the short form content you create.

But most of all, you should accrue benefits over time through your content creation.

Merely gaining followers?

Not good enough.

I want SEO benefits to my own website, where I can take visitors on a deeper journey and show them more of what I have to offer.

Think of it like this—

When I wake up tomorrow, I want to stand atop what I built today.

That means more than just having more followers, especially when I could be cancelled by a random intern at Twitter.

It means owning—and benefiting from—what I’ve created.

I’m sure we can agree that owning your short form content is great.

And creating safeguards against getting cancelled is a smart way to proceed.

But this is about a heck of a lot more than being a savvy tweeter.

Believe it or not…

This is about the future of building websites!

15 years ago, blogs exploded in popularity as people—and businesses—began publishing content in a way that was more frictionless than ever before.

The entire internet expanded on the wings of this innovation.

But it wasn’t long before some cracks began to show.

Content creators and aggressive marketers learned that expansive pieces worked better than pithy stuff—that whole “delivering value” thing.

Only problem?

This process was EXPENSIVE! 💸

It was difficult, too.

As time wore on, more and more people checked out of the blogging game and turned their attention to the faster paced, dopamine-rich world of social media.

Instead of trudging through long form, many creators now found themselves playing fast and loose with emergent short form.

Suddenly, people who were creating 4 or 5 blog posts a YEAR were now ripping off 20+ tweets PER DAY…

…and enjoying a larger, faster growing, and more engaged audience in the process!

We didn’t know it back then (2014–15), but blogs were already dead.

There was an issue, though—what to do about our websites?

Just like that, they all became a little awkward.

What do we publish on Twitter?

What do we publish on our sites?

Do we try to drive traffic from Twitter to our sites?

Will people *really* read long form anymore?

Anecdotally, I stopped producing long form altogether unless it was part of my sales funnels.

I just saw no point whatsoever to slogging through 1500+ words unless there was a significant value proposition—for both author and reader—at the end.

As a result, my sites languished.

I produced less content, my SEO diminished and negatively affected my traffic, and perhaps worst of all, I lost interest in my sites 😱

Was this the end?

Was shitpoasting on Twitter becoming the dystopian future?

With Twitter becoming the norm for short form content production, our sites quite literally ceded their power to the big, bad birdsite.

Meanwhile, Twitter introduced THREADS…and re-defined the way we produce and consume long form content 🔥

Immediately, threads proved to be viral powerhouses.

It’s almost as if people crave more value than can be delivered in just 280 characters 😂

But the truth was already out there—people also loved *consuming* long form in a staccato manner, in one bite-size chunk after another.

While old media held to its antiquated model of ad-laden, 1500-word articles from “top voices,” savvy content creators on Twitter were cranking out threads and stealing away the audience.

In a couple of years, we’ll look back and see that threads killed old media, too 🧐

Yet even as you read this today, there’s one MAJOR problem with threads—they are created and consumed on Twitter.

If you get cancelled tomorrow…

Your tweets? Gone.

Threads? Gone.

Audience? Gone.

It’s a digital book burning, and you lose 👎🏿

Threads have other problems, too:

• Wonky clickthrough behavior makes it difficult to see longer threads in their entirety

• Many people HATE trying to read threads on Twitter and prefer to read them in “unrolled” format…on ad-laden pages with shitty typography 🤮

Perhaps worst of all, you don’t have dynamic control over your threads.

What if it makes sense to inject an email opt-in after the 5th tweet in your thread?

What if you want to slide in a relevant promo for a video you made or a book you wrote?

What if you want to include an information-rich sales pitch at *just* the right time?

What if you realize you need to do this stuff after your thread has already started to go viral?

Can’t do that on Twitter, fam.

But don’t worry—I’ve got a solution 😎

With my new software, you’ll be able to:

• Publish short form content *and* threads from your own website, which provides security and immunity from capricious cancellation.

• Provide your audience with a beautiful, convenient place to read your threads.

• Perhaps coolest of all, you’ll be able to build your website AUTOMATICALLY!

How does this work?

Whenever you create threads, they’ll automatically turn into pages on your website—pages that are beautifully formatted, easy to read, and will rank like crazy!

Let’s face it:

You can’t be bothered to write a blog post or long form article.

But you’ll put crank out tweets and threads!

You’re already creating valuable content.

Shouldn’t you—and your website—be growing and benefitting from these efforts?

Some of the peeps I know on here—@jackmurphylive, @adamscrabble, and @wrathofgnon, to name a few—routinely post amazing threads and command extremely large audiences.

Imagine if they were simultaneously building powerhouse websites through their efforts 😳

Friends, this is the decentralized content revolution 💪🏿


We can now build dominant websites—AUTOMATICALLY—through the efforts we’re already making!

We will monetize these efforts and create connections like never before.


Pssst! Want to read this thread in an environment that’s perfectly-crafted for easy reading?

I publish it on Twitter so it’s accessible to everyone, but it LIVES on my site.

Check it out 👇🏿👀


Fight back against Big Tech!

  • Own and control your social media content
  • Grow your website through your social media efforts 🤔🤯
  • Become uncancellable
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