PressRow Theme for WordPress

Once upon a time, PressRow had some pretty sweet ideas. Eventually, those ideas turned into the Thesis Theme—the ultimate way to manage your design and templates with WordPress.

PressRow screenshot

Welp, it’s official. After months of talking about it (but not actually doing anything – that’s crazy talk!), I’ve finally designed a WordPress theme that has been released for public consumption. Yes, it’s true – you too can have a Chris Pearson design for the low, low cost of…wait for it…nada!

Her name is PressRow, and she’s a classy dame. With her abundant whitespace and exclusive use of the Georgia font face, she looks like an exquisitely untouchable professional. Don’t let that ladylike facade fool you though, as she comes equipped with sophisticated styles that can handle your images and format your text—all at the same time.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, she’s a pleaser. Simply put, she just wants to look her best all the time and perform for you whenever you ask. She’s got an understated elegance that is matched only by her insatiable desire to maximize the presentational capabilities of WordPress.

Go, go and get the girl!

PressRow screenshotNow that you know what she’s all about, what are you still doing here? She got all made up just for you, and she’ll be brutally disappointed if you don’t show up at her lovely coming out party (you know, in a non Ellen DeGeneres/Rosie O’Donnell sort of way).

Also, if you’re a user, then you’ll be happy to know PressRow is one of the free themes that’s available to you over there!

Editor’s note: That is, until they removed PressRow for petty reasons.

Did you know?

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