Cutline and PressRow Removed from

Sadly, the crew at have chosen to retire two of my old themes, Cutline and PressRow.

If you loved these themes and are sorry to see them go, don’t sweat it! Soon, I’ll be re-releasing both of these classic theme designs for free to everyone who uses the Thesis Theme Framework.

And thanks to the power of Thesis, these new versions of Cutline and PressRow will be more optimized, more flexible, and faster than their predecessors.

What is the Thesis Theme Framework?

Thesis is the ultimate theme—it’s a powerful template system that enables you to customize your design, tweak your SEO, and run a world-class website with ease.

While Cutline and PressRow were two separate themes, Thesis is a single framework that does it all. It runs underneath this site, my business site, and tens of thousands of others, and it can accommodate any design!

Thanks to this remarkable flexibility, I’ll be able to offer the Cutline and PressRow designs for free to Thesis users.

Please note: Thesis is only available for self-hosted installations. In other words, it will not work on blogs.

How can you get Cutline and PressRow?

Now that Cutline and PressRow have been removed from the theme directory, I’ve decided to re-release these classic themes for free as skins for the Thesis Theme Framework.

These skins are still in development and will take time to complete, but if you want to be notified the second they’re done, simply enter your email in the box below, and I’ll be sure to contact you.

[edit: email offer has expired]

Thinking about leaving

Since you can no longer use Cutline or PressRow on, now may be the perfect time for you to become a user.

Personally, I think running a self-hosted version of WordPress is extremely beneficial because it gives you total control over your website and your data.

Update: Here’s an article (including video!) that explains how to transfer your blog from to

Did you know?

I make software you can use to run a blazing-fast website (like this one).

Check out the Focus WordPress Theme to see how you can run a fast website that delights your visitors, ranks like crazy, and is easy to manage.