Thesis Theme for WordPress

Robust, comprehensive, and easy-to-use frameworks are a must for working on the Web. Whether you’re a hardcore developer or simply an aspiring blogger, you can use dedicated frameworks to write less code, produce more accurate results, and do your job better.

As a serial site developer and blogger, I’ve found that the most valuable tool one can have is a refined template system that solves fundamental development, design, and publishing problems, including:

  • pinpoint control over the SEO on every page of your site as well as indexing controls that help you minimize the undesirable WordPress page bloat
  • rigorous adherence to Web standards, and more specifically, a proper XHTML structure
  • polished typography with finely-tuned geometrics for maximum legibility that will not only engage users more quickly, but also engage them on a subconscious level
  • a default layout that favors usability and clarity but is also flexible enough to accommodate any conceivable design customization
  • forward-compatibility that minimizes—or in some cases completely eliminates—upgrade headaches (I like to call it futureproofing)

Once upon a time, I solved these problems for clients as a freelance designer, but I quickly grew tired of this approach because I knew I could use my skills and knowledge to help more people. That’s when I realized I had a new mission—to build a killer website framework that anyone can use and benefit from.

And thus, the Thesis Theme for WordPress was born. Thesis is a precisely-detailed, powerful template system that you can use to run a better website. It is the exact framework I use on this site, and now you can benefit from its simplicity, optimization, and ease of use, just as I do every day!

Over 36,319 people have improved their sites (and reduced their Web workload!) with Thesis. Click here for a video introduction to Thesis and see what all the fuss is about!

Looking for My Older Themes?

Before I launched Thesis, I created a few free WordPress themes that became extremely popular. Although these themes defined the early stages of my career, they are really nothing more than visible markers of a learning process that continues today with Thesis.

If you’re serious about getting a new theme for your website, then you must understand that themes are much, much more than just designs. The most important thing WordPress themes do is serve your site’s underlying HTML, and as a result, themes are 100% responsible for your in-site SEO.

By extension, this means that choosing a theme based solely on its design is a poor, misguided decision. Also, this means that a good theme has a lot of responsibilities—it must provide rock-solid code and a savvy design, and it must be flexible enough for you to customize as your site grows.

The Thesis Theme is my answer to the problems associated with smart Web development, and I do hope you’ll consider the aforementioned factors when selecting a theme for your site.

If you’re still interested in checking out my old themes (all of which are free), you can find links to them below: