The Pearsonified Archives

Although I cover a variety of topics here on Pearsonified, I think you’ll find the most value in my articles on web design, simply because that’s my core competency. Now, I’m not just talking graphics and presentation here; quite the contrary, I consider web design to be a multidisciplinary art that involves things like SEO, typography, coding, and all-out system design.

With that said, I come from a pretty heavy SEO background, and I’ve written quite a few articles on SEO that I think you’ll find helpful.

New for 2012: I built a killer tool to help you discover the perfect typography for your website. Check out the Golden Ratio Typography Calculator.

Life, Health, and Other Stuff I’m Thinking About

When I’m not thinking about Web solutions, I’m usually trying to learn about ways to live my life better. Right now, I’ve got a small repository of articles on life and health, and I’ve also started producing simple videos to communicate these ideas with my own brand of passion.

Take a Trip Back in Time

Back when I first started this whole Web thing, I was the most fortunate freelance designer in the history of the universe. I had unbelievable clients like Copyblogger, SEObook, Text Link Ads, and others, and these fine folks taught me a lot about what it takes to succeed online.

Eventually, I took what I learned and applied it to WordPress themes that became more popular than I ever dared to imagine (see: original intro articles to my old themes). This early success led me down a path of exploration and discovery, and ultimately, it became the foundation for the Thesis Theme, which is the cornerstone of my online business, DIYthemes.

And for the record, it took me about a year to gain some real direction here on this site. I worked through a variety of different ideas and approaches before I realized those areas where I was able to provide the most value, and you’ll find evidence of this natural evolution in the Pearsonified vault. It can be a little scary in there at times, so proceed with caution!