Gutenberg Will Add a TON of Technical Debt to WordPress Websites

Watch my video about how Gutenberg is going to add crippling technical debt to your website.

Despite sobering warnings from people like me, WordPress is going to move ahead and force users to adapt to the new Gutenberg post editor.

The big idea behind Gutenberg is that regular users will be able to achieve whatever they want (design-wise) with WordPress.

Unfortunately, this is a gross miscalculation, and even worse, this new “power” isn’t free!

In fact, it comes at a great cost of increased technical debt for your website that will make it harder to do anything in the future.

With Gutenberg, WordPress is forcing you to accept more, more, MORE:

  • Crap to consider when you write a post or page
  • Never-ending compatibility issues with Themes and Plugins
  • Opportunities for things to “break” during updates

And as your experience with WordPress has no doubt shown, things never get any simpler.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though—you can choose LESS. I’ll show you how.