Let’s Talk About WordPress, WordCamps, the GPL, and Gutenberg…

Watch my video on WordPress, WordCamps, the GPL, and Gutenberg.

WordPress’ social strategy of ostracizing those who don’t fall in line with their beliefs has been a huge success in terms of keeping “dissenters” out of the public conversation (like WordCamps).

In the current, crazed political climate, we often see cries of “ban this” or “ban that” when it comes to behaviors or lifestyles we don’t like.

This is essentially a desire for legal enforcement.

When it comes to licensing and the GPL, WordPress didn’t have the option for legal enforcement to coerce the market to behave how it wanted.

But they did have an even more powerful option: Social enforcement.

This approach has now been in place for 8+ years, and it’s clearly been a resounding success.

In today’s video, I cover this idea and take a quick dive into the new Gutenberg content editor.