On Links, Trackbacks, and Contests

Contest. Linking. Non A-listers. Cash prize? Could you repeat that into my good ear? It’s true, John Scott, the writer of the outstanding and heretofore Indie Virused “Internet Marketing Blog,” announced a $10,000 linking contest on March 1.

Although I was born in a barn and did not catch wind of this until yesterday, tons of folks know about the contest because John’s original announcement has received 181 comments to date! With a $3000 grand prize on the line, this is to be expected. At this point, however, my question is this: doesn’t it seem logical that The Indie Virus would absolutely be in the pole position for the grand prize?

I’ve kind of been riding a streak of good luck so far this year, and who knows – maybe it will continue with a $3000 shot in the arm from a humble little linking experiment…

Anyhoo, make sure you stay up to date on the action, as there are lots of cool sites out there that have been infected.

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Cesar March 24, 2006

I’m guilty of sending the virus to John. :) You do have a good point that the Indie Virus is a strong claim to the prize though – over 100 mentions on Technorati already.

And hey, I like the new design and colors, and thanks for the recommendation on the CSS book.


Chris P. March 24, 2006

Muchas gracias! That looks like milestone #3 to me!


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