The $1000 Phone Call

It was business as usual on Monday morning, but I got interrupted at about 10:15 am by an unfamiliar number on my cell phone. Harboring the typical amount of skepticism that comes with answering a call from an unknown number, I greeted the mystery caller on the other line.

Me: Uhhmmm, hello?
Chick: Yeah, hi, is this Chris?
Me: Yes. Yes it is.
Chick: This is “Chick” from [my bank], and I’m calling you today to let you know that you’ve won our 2005 debit card sweepstakes. You’re the $1000 winner!
Me: Me? Sweepstakes? Do I have to sign my life away to get my “prize?”
Chick: [laughs] No, you were selected at random from our drawing, which consisted of participants who applied for debit cards in the second half of 2005. You’re going to get two $500 Visa gift certificates to spend anywhere that accepts Visa.
Me: Great! What do I have to do?
Chick: Go to [this branch] and pick it up from [some woman]. Congratulations!

And just like that, I’ve got two $500 gift “credit cards” from Visa.

Let’s do a little recap here. In the last 30 days, I’ve become a Sprint Ambassador (approx. $1000 value), and I also won $1000. Has anyone checked the thermostat in hell lately?

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