World War 3 is Centralization vs. Decentralization

The battle for humanity’s future doesn’t have a direct historical antecedent.

In other words, it’s not Christians vs. Muslims, Axis vs. Allies, or any other “rivalries” we all recognize.

Nope. Instead, it’s…


Perhaps most fascinating is how the origin of these forces has shifted away from church, culture, and governance…

…to corporations, which have become the strongest players in the world.

(Indeed, many corporations have a greater impact on world GDP than 80% of countries.)

For these corporations, CENTRALIZATION is the path to the two things they want most:


But since there’s no free lunch, we must also examine the TRADE-OFFS corporations accept with their myopic push for centralization.

What happens to corporations when they go all-in on CENTRALIZATION?

They lose AGILITY as an ever-expanding bureaucracy calcifies everything it touches.

They lose INNOVATION CAPACITY as a huge chunk of their energy goes toward keeping the borg alive.

Crucially, they also receive more SCRUTINY over TAXATION from governments all over the world.

But this turns out to be a calculated risk, as politicians and legislation are cheap compared to the gigantic profits yielded by CENTRALIZATION.

Centralization has a MAGNETIC EFFECT here, too.

In a never-ending search for higher profits, other corporations seek to emulate the success of their forbears.

And thus the pattern of centralization becomes the de facto standard of investment-backed businesses.

In this monkey see, monkey do environment, EVERYONE ends up on the centralization train.

It’s wild, but the following notion is now QUAINT:

Imagine a business existing solely to excel in its core competency without EVER expanding beyond that.

Another way to think about this:

You probably can’t think of a single example of a business that optimizes along its core value axis without expanding beyond it.

Investment capital GUARANTEES a business must keep expanding until it’s sold.

So this is the INCENTIVE STRUCTURE that leads us to CENTRALIZATION:

If you’re backed by investment capital, you MUST expand.

And if you must expand, centralization is the best way to do that while also securing profits as you grow.

So how is CENTRALIZATION making your world smaller and less free? Here are some examples:

• US Federal Government
• UN
• Fed
• Google
• Facebook
• Twitter

These entities are actively consolidating power through centralization.

They hold (nearly) all the cards.

The answer—and indeed, the ONLY threat to their dominance—is a strategy of DECENTRALIZATION that must be executed by ALL ENLIGHTENED CITIZENS.

Reject the following notions:

• Endless expansion
• Profit over perfection
• Size over stability


• Repeatability
• Reusability
• Portability
• Efficiency
• Smallest possible bureaucracy

Ironically, each of these qualities is either a negative or an impossibility in a CENTRALIZED system.

So what’s the conclusion here?

World War 3 is already upon us (and has been for some time).

It’s the CENTRALIZED borgs—an unholy mixture of governments, corporations, and financiers—versus everybody else.

And the only chance everybody else has is to engage in DECENTRALIZATION.


The decentralization reaction has already begun—most visibly with cryptocurrency.

Critically, this threatens all 3 levers of the Evil Axis, from financiers to corporations to governments.

But it’s not enough.

Every citizen must SHIFT THEIR MINDSET and begin actively favoring DECENTRALIZED entities over their CENTRALIZED counterparts.

Centralization is like the Sirens—luring you into a deadly trap with promises of sexiness, ease, and pleasure.

The only way we win is by creating new, decentralized environments that force the Evil Axis to adapt to a new playing field.

Fact is, we’ve been adapting to their playing field for the last 50 years.

It’s time to flip the script.

DECENTRALIZATION is the ONLY way this happens.

This means taking on more responsibility for your own life and outcomes.

Happiness, pleasure, prosperity—these are your responsibilities.

Accept this LIKE AN ADULT and start making choices that will shape our future for the better:


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