What should you look for when purchasing a new WordPress Theme?

At least 98% of people who purchase #WordPress Themes make the following mistake:

Their purchase is *completely* predicated on acquiring a Theme that gives them the “look” they think they want.

They don’t consider what matters to visitors AT ALL.

What do visitors want?

• Speed — pages must load FAST on every device

• Clarity — no scrolling required to get to the point (no hero images, no ads, no BS)

• Ease of Use — great typography, clear + adequate spacing, and NO CLUTTER

• Simplicity — less is more!

But what do most prospective website owners want?

An aesthetic they deem worthy of how they see themselves.

A little bit of visual pizzazz. Some “oomph.”

Now ask yourself:

What does any of that have to do with the website *actually working* for visitors?

When website owners confront this, most immediately engage in (ir)rationalization:

• Speed? The sales page says it’s fast, so I don’t have to worry about this!

• Clarity? Ease of use? I like this design, so that means it’ll work for visitors.

• Simplicity? It’s fine.

This lack of thinking is precisely why the Focus #WordPress Theme exists.

Fact is, putting visitors first is NOT SEXY and not something most prospective website owners want to think about because it mostly lives outside the “enthusiasm zone.”

Instinctively, we want to be enthused when we start a new venture.

We naturally want to focus on what delights US.

But what’s the point of a website?

It has no value unless it has value to VISITORS.

If you refuse to acknowledge this, you aren’t serious.

And UNTIL you acknowledge this, you are doomed to waste not just money, but also TIME, the most valuable resource we have.

Even worse, your slow-ass website is guaranteed to waste a ton of your time AND your visitors’ time for as long as you refuse to focus on what matters.

Slow sites suck. Focus makes yours fast.

  • blazing speed that delights visitors
  • responsive and consistent design on all devices
  • optimized for both search engines and people
  • highly customizable without wrecking performance
  • easy to manage over time

Check out Focus →