How Timelines Solved the Biggest Problem with Blogs

Timelines solved perhaps the most vexing problem with blogs:

Create high-impact long form content that delivers value and builds an audience, or…

Create quick hits—throwaways, essentially—that reduce the friction of content creation and allow you to establish momentum.

Nearly all effective bloggers realized long form content was BY FAR the best way to get the results they wanted.

But then social media changed everything.

And just like that, “short, pithy, and viral” became the easiest route to growth.

Almost overnight, short form became the order of the day.

It wasn’t until the introduction of THREADS that long form would begin to make a comeback.

(Medium and Substack have tried to capture the long form space, but IMO, neither one is as effective as Twitter threads.)

The way Twitter has managed to marry both short form and long form is one of the most important developments of the past 10 years.

Blogs couldn’t do it.

Medium couldn’t do it.

Facebook couldn’t do it.

Thread-enabled timelines proved to be the key 🔑

In my view, the ability to post single tweets—individual pieces of short form content—is CRITICAL for both momentum and mental lubrication.

And the ability to expound upon simple ideas through the creation of threads is the ultimate natural segue into long form content.

This approach works for both the writer and the reader, and that’s why it’s so potent.

Writers can tackle one point at a time, without regard for a cohesive whole.

And readers can consume long form content in bite-size chunks—a mechanism that’s becoming increasingly essential.

So I’m done blogging. I’ll never write another #WordPress Post again.

(But I *will* create Pages.)

And most of the Pages I’ll create in the future will be automatic and the result of creating THREADS.

This is the low-friction website future we’ve been waiting for!

I’m already living in the future, and I want to give you a glimpse of it 👀

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