Tweet Thread 423

Your visitors want you to have a fast website—indeed, the fastest website you can possibly have.

Why haven’t you made this a top priority?

Specifically, website visitors want SPEED and CLARITY.

Why aren’t you focused on either?

Your relationship begins when the page starts to load.

Are you respecting—or rejecting—this basic reality?

If visitors want clarity, why are you serving them:

• a gigantic navigation menu
• a huge hero image that’s only tangentially related to your content and takes 3 seconds to load
• a sidebar full of distracting links to other pages
• links to related posts


Bottom line?

Internet user behavior has changed in the age of social media.

Your website MUST deliver immediately, or else people will head back to their dopamine-rich social media feeds.

If you want results, you need to FOCUS 🔥