Tweet Thread 414

If you run a website for 10+ years, you are GUARANTEED to face at least one TECHNICAL DEBT JUBILEE.

This is a hair-tearing-out moment where you realize you cannot continue to live with the technical debt and legacy code you’ve accumulated.

Getting rid of old baggage? Sounds great!

But with a website, this is a gigantic, technical, and expensive pain in the ass.

A full-scale refactoring is simultaneously the most painful and liberating experience you’ll ever have running a website.

In my case, refactoring DIYthemes improved page load times across the board from ~3s to ~1s.

Enhanced organization enabled me to create better documentation and also to provide better support.

I can run the business by myself now, too.

But like I said, it was a difficult journey that took me about 3 months to complete.

(And really 6 months for every last detail within the existing ~850 pages of content.)

If you ever reach this point with your own website, you will understand:

To RUN and MANAGE an effective website over time…

(please note how I did NOT say “create a design that satisfies your ego”)

You MUST minimize the following:

• Software dependencies
• Idiosyncratic customization touchpoints

It’s the only way to win over the long term 🥇

If you run a #WordPress website, this is nearly impossible because:

• the platform gets more bloated with every release
• everyone relies on Plugins that commit myriad performance sins

Your only hope is the ⚡️ LIGHTNING FAST ⚡️ Focus WordPress Theme: