Tweet Thread 408

Another high-profile cancellation today—this time it’s @ConceptualJames.

Unfortunately, James did not post his best tweets and threads to his own website, where they could be linked ad nauseam by his biggest fans.

A Mass Citation Event is a great way to fight censorship.

Mass Citation Events are a BIG DEAL. Here’s how they work:

• Publish your best content on your site FIRST and THEN push it to Twitter

• If you get cancelled, your tweets become inaccessible, BUT…

• Your tweets are still available on your website, where fans can (and WILL) link to them while your cancellation is making the viral rounds.

• This is a perfect opportunity to convert casual readers to subscribers (or even paying customers!)

Massively untapped opportunity.

How can you publish tweets on your own property BEFORE pushing them to Twitter?

I built Focus OmniTweet for precisely this purpose.

It’s a fun and awesome new way to compose content on your own site…and to become UNCANCELLABLE in the process! 🔥