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If you built your #WordPress site on a Page Builder, your site is eventually going to die. Here’s how:

In the future, you will need to make some changes to accommodate a new payment system, email provider, etc.

And you will be UNABLE TO DO SO!

But why? 🤔

When you employ a Page Builder on *any page of your site*, you create an idiosyncratic customization touchpoint (ICT).

What the hell is that?

It’s a specific thing you must address on this specific page whenever you make changes in the future.

From a long term webmastering perspective, ICTs are poison.

Each ICT adds a layer of complexity to the process of adapting a new design or new functionality.

What does this mean?

If you need to hire someone to help you in the future, your job gets more expensive every day!

That’s right—

Every single time you publish a page with a Page Builder, you are increasing your future ADAPTATION COSTS.

Worse, freelancers and agencies won’t touch your site *at any price* because the messes Page Builders create are too vast and convoluted.

Beyond all that, there is only one way to escape increasing complexity:

You must commit to SIMPLICITY and EFFICIENCY above all else.

Page Builders cannot exist without ICTs.

But as you now know, ICTs are the enemy.

Therefore, you must not use Page Builders on your site!

But the real lesson here is that you don’t NEED Page Builders!

Instead of staring down a never-ending web of complexity, you can operate in a simple, shackle-free environment.

You just need to FOCUS on what matters—simplicity, speed, and ease of use.

FOCUS starts by making your site FAST, which is perfect for visitors and search engines.

And then it makes your life EASY by removing the insane complexities associated with #WordPress and content composition.

The final shock?

Visitors to your website don’t care—at all!—about what Page Builders provide (idiosyncratic design options).

They care about SPEED, CLARITY, and whether or not what you offer is relevant to them.

FOCUS on the intersection of what you and your visitors want!

The easiest way to do this?

Run your site on the Focus #WordPress Theme and follow my advice for website maintenance.

I will help you keep costs down—FOREVER—and your site manageable over time.

This is how you win at internet! 🔥