The Foundation of a Successful Website

Attempting to optimize a website that doesn’t have a solid foundation is an exercise in futility.

If you don’t cover the bases below, the rest of the information we’re going to talk about today is utterly useless.

You must nail the fundamentals, and from there, you can make the optimizations and tweaks that will take your site to the next level.

A strong website foundation consists of these key components:

  • Perfect, semantic HTML markup (and the underlying code in general)
  • Optimizations that focus on fast loading times and a smooth, pleasant user experience
  • Important SEO details, such as unique title tags on every page and markup Schema (where applicable)
  • Email list to establish communication with potential customers
  • Products, affiliate offers, or calls for donations

Once you have a great foundation in place, you can start tacking on the rooms (pages) that will serve as the basis for achieving the stated goals of your site.

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