The Rooms of Your Website: Where Users Come to Take Action!

Every page on your website is a “room” where your visitors can come to take action. The question is, how many of these pages are optimized to encourage the user to take an action that is beneficial to you?

For many people, this idea suggests a complete re-thinking of the way they view their websites.

Keeping with our mantra of focus, elements, and flow, here’s what you should ask yourself every time you create a page on your website:

  • What is my goal for this page? (What’s the focus?)
  • What elements do I need to achieve this goal?
  • What is the flow of this page like? What path is a user likely to take through this page, and moreover, is this path laser-focused on my goal for the page?

Let’s look at some examples of pages that are crafted around the points listed above. We’ll perform a quick feng shui analysis of each one to figure out why these pages are successful.

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