Politics: Obsess over culture, or ignore it entirely?


I know quite a few ballot box line-crossers—aka people who voted R→D or D→R since 2000.

And I’ve noticed trends:

• R→D: Emphasis on stock market, de-emphasis on culture

• D→R: Emphasis on culture, not really caring about much else until that’s resolved

IMO, the R→D crowd wants to dodge the culture issue entirely.

After all—it’s the biggest risk to one’s social status and BY FAR the most volatile subject to address.

So the typical answer here is simply to embrace the Democrats and focus on something—ANYTHING—else.

Also, it takes a hell of a lot bigger balls to go D→R in the current social climate.

Because of this, I view R→D as cowards and D→R as trailblazers.

The only problem?

The Republican party is a complete joke.