OmniTweet Stats and Performance

Focus OmniTweet 1.0 by the numbers:

• 2,824 lines of PHP
• 698 lines of jQuery

The PHP produces 577 lines of dynamic CSS that adapts to your current design settings (fonts, sizes, and colors) 🧠

Of course, no look at “numbers” would be complete without a PERFORMANCE analysis.

Let’s see how a basic OmniTweet Timeline page performs 👀 🤯

Help me out here, fam—is a page that loads in under 1 second a good thing?

image for tweet 46

What about an OmniTweet thread page?

After all, it’s critically important that visitors see content quickly and clearly when they click through to read an article!

Fam—this is the closest thing to “instant gratification” that exists on the internet.

👇🏿 🧐 🤩

image for tweet 47

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