Mac Daddy: Part 2

Any of my friends will tell you that I’m a PC guy. Whenever anyone approached me about getting a Mac, I’d poo-poo their Mac-lust by throwing out lines like:

  • Do you really want to pay for software for that thing?
  • Are you ready to learn a new OS?
  • Dude, you know you can’t mod those things out like you can a PC.
  • They’re so overpriced! What will you do when it’s time to upgrade?

Well, now I’m a hypocrite.

Last Wednesday, when I bought my super badass monitor, I didn’t have anything to run it. My dinosaur of a laptop doesn’t have a DVI out, so I pretty much forced myself to purchase a new computer by buying the monitor. Don’t you like how I used underhanded tactics to force the purchase? I totally psyched myself out.

Anyway, since I was such a PC guy, I really wanted to custom order a machine that belonged in Defcon 4. That’s kind of expensive, though, and in order to help out my decision-making process, I took a leisurely trip over to one of the many retail stores I should never visit – CompUSA.

The evil bastards good folks over at CompUSA have a pretty nice Mac display – probably the nicest one in town (considering that we don’t have an Apple Store). Of course, they have all sorts of stuff for you to tinker with, and I did another thing I should never do. I started messing around with a Mac Mini running the 23″ Cinema HD display – you know, the same one that was all lonely back in my office.

Of course, the rest is history, because now I have a Mac Mini. And an Apple keyboard. And a wireless bluetooth mouse. And the Apple protection plan.

But at least my monitor isn’t lonely!

Check it out – I got pictures of the virgin boot of my Mac Mini + 23″ Cinema HD in all its glory. Oooh. Ahhh.

I gotta say – the Mac experience is good. More on that in the future when my Adobe software suite arrives!

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