Mac Daddy: Part 1

Last Tuesday night, I caught the bug. I had to have a new computer. It’s like wanting to go to your favorite restaurant, and nothing else will do. You’ve just gotta have it, or else life won’t go on (I have no proof of that, but it sounds good).

Knowing that I epitomize the term “impulse buyer,” I refrained from purchasing a new machine on Tuesday night, because I was certain that I’d blow a small fortune on something better suited to run the national defense system. Instead, I made the rare prudent decision and opted to “sleep on it.”

Well, that kind of advice clearly sucks, because I woke up on Wednesday wanting a new toy twice as bad as the night before. At 6:30 am, I was staring glassy-eyed at my laptop screen, trying to figure out exactly what I was going to purchase. Clearly obsessed, I perused nearly all available options, even eschewing coffee in the process (read: NEVER happens).

Somewhere in the midst of my search, I decided that what I really wanted was a huge, badass monitor, because the visual feedback is basically the main source of your interaction with your computer. After weighing my options, I narrowed down the field of potential monitors to two: the 23″ Sony PremierPro Widescreen LCD and the Apple 23″ Cinema HD Widescreen.

Despite the fact that I found the Sony for nearly $200 less, I opted for the Apple based on reviews I read on CNET, which ultimately concluded that the brightness was the differentiating factor between the two monitors. Naturally, I went right out and bought one. Booyah!

For a design freak like myself, there’s nothing quite like bringing home – and opening up – one of the most awesome tools of the trade. I savored every moment of the action, and you can live vicariously through me for a bit here by looking through this series of “unwrapping” photos. If you really want the whole experience, you’ll need 3 dogs to shoo off while you unpack everything.

Wait a second…There’s only one problem here. I still need a computer, or I can’t run this badass new monitor! That’s where Mac Daddy: Part 2 comes in.