Did you know? This is the era of lean websites!

Back in the day, the traffic highway was from your blog to social media.

So it was smart to add “share” and social media profile links to your blog.

(They slowed down your site, tho.)

But by 2016, that changed completely—the highway now runs from social media to your blog.

The implication here is you no longer need those social media tools on your website…

…and CERTAINLY not if they’re increasing page load times by a second or more (which is extremely common, not to mention associated layout shift issues).

This is an era where you can GO LEAN

This “Lean Era” mindset applies to more than just social media doo-dads on your website.

There’s probably a LOT of stuff you’ve added or messed with in the past decade that no longer needs to exist on your site:

• Audit those Plugins!
• Remove cruft from your

Bottom line:

We used to view our websites as catch-all repositories for our online presence.

But now they exist SOLELY TO CLOSE.

Your website should have a simple, limited scope:

• make sales
• generate leads or opt-ins
• get someone to consume your content

That’s it!

Your new mission?

Remove anything and everything that doesn’t directly support the primary purpose of your website!

If it doesn’t help you make a sale, generate a lead, or help someone consume your content…

It’s gotta go!

Time to GO LEAN 🔥

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  • blazing speed that delights visitors
  • responsive and consistent design on all devices
  • optimized for both search engines and people
  • highly customizable without wrecking performance
  • easy to manage over time

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