What are the key elements of the perfect modern web page?

In terms of the FUNDAMENTALS…

This web page is as good as it gets 👇🏿 👀

(And the Juicy Links should be a tool in any respectable copywriter or marketer’s arsenal 🔥)


What makes this page so good?

It contains all the KEY ELEMENTS a web page needs to spread far and wide in eye-catching and ultimately ENGAGING fashion.

Let’s take a closer look at these elements… 🧐

1. Open Graph tags

Look back at the first tweet in this thread—see that attention-grabbing, clickable image with title and description underneath?

That’s an Open Graph Card, and it *really* stands out in social media feeds.

It’ll get MUCH more interaction than a basic tweet!

2. Headline and Sub-headlines

With a clear, descriptive headline and 3 detailed sub-headlines, this page has a straightforward, information-rich hierarchy.

It’s easy to scan in digestible chunks, too.

3. Contextual bolding, content highlights, and simple flair

Detailed, thoughtful use of contextual bolding helps both readers and scanners get a feel for the important ideas.

Combined with highlights and flair like drop caps, these elements keep readers moving down the page.

4. Staccato-style paragraphs keep readers engaged

Thanks to its conversational style, the page is a joy to read.

It never feels heavy because you’re never presented with an imposing wall of text that requires effort to consume!

5. Includes a VIDEO 🎥

The included video is a demonstration of Juicy Links.

It shows readers how to use them on their own site immediately, and that makes it an extremely valuable—and engaging—addition to the page.

6. Includes a CAPTION

Along with images, headlines, and sub-headlines, captions are some of the most-looked-at items on web pages.

Use them to your advantage!

7. Offers obvious/immediate value

The page is literally a solution for you to use right away.

Pain = removed

Hard to argue with that 😤

8. Tasteful, relevant pitch

Just after the end of the article, you’ll find a pitch—technically, a Focus Card—for a related product (the Focus WordPress Theme in this case).

The pitch is relevant to the content and looks professional.

Sparks curiosity without being obnoxious ⚡️