What’s the most irresistible content in the world?

What’s sexier than the best content you can think of?


*Everyone* wants to view content that’s been cancelled.

This is the most potent and irresistible content…

But if you get cancelled, you LOSE your content!

So what can you do?

The TRICK is to make your best social media content available OUTSIDE of social media!

But how can you do that?

With Focus OmniTweet, you can post your social media content to your website BEFORE posting it to Twitter.

This is key 🔑

If your social media content lives on your site, it’ll remain there even if you get cancelled on Twitter.

And if you get cancelled?

Everything on your website immediately turns into BANNED CONTENT!

What do you think happens next? 🤔

Fans and followers will:

✅ VISIT your website
✅ LINK to your best content
✅ POST screenshots of spicy/remarkable content

In other words, a massive ATTENTION SURGE! ⚡️

And this adds up to a bunch of OPPORTUNITY for you!

• Expand your audience
• Make sales

This is the social media version of a DEAD MAN’S SWITCH.

And it’s easier to set up than you probably think.

All you need to do is make ONE SMALL TWEAK to your posting habits—

Use Focus OmniTweet to post on your own website, and then push your content to Twitter 🤯

I’ve been doing this for nearly 2 months with Focus OmniTweet.

I craft standalone tweets and threads on my own website, and OmniTweet handles the rest:

• Posting to Twitter
• Easy-to-read thread pages
• Massive SEO benefits

(I still RT, QT, and reply on the Twitter app.)

No matter what kind of website you run—even if it’s not a #WordPress website—you can add Focus OmniTweet and start winning TODAY.

Want more details? JUST ASK ME!

Otherwise, it’s time to check out Focus OmniTweet 🔥


Fight back against Big Tech!

  • Own and control your social media content
  • Grow your website through your social media efforts 🤔🤯
  • Become uncancellable
Check out Focus OmniTweet