Hilarious Photos and Comics

Every now and then, I go on these kicks about different things I find on the web. Lately, I’ve been keenly interested in pics with funny taglines (see my Starbucks entry), and today, that went a step further when a friend of mine showed me some pics and comics that I thought were hysterical. I dunno, maybe I was just in one of those punchy moods this morning. Anyway, I thought I’d share the love with everybody.


Ok, this site is supposed to be informative, too, so in order to keep things legit, I like to throw in some work advice every now and then. Fortunately, today’s business-related tidbit comes with a graphical flowchart example, thus rendering my job totally easy!

Finally, here’s what happens when Disney’s UK website re-design goes wrong:

Crappy aesthetics and poor usability kill Donald a little inside.

Oh, and the comics are all from Explosm.net. The pics? I dunno where the hell they came from because a friend emailed them to me.

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