Focus OmniTweet is the Only Decentralized Approach to Social Media


Focus OmniTweet 1.0 drops tomorrow:

• You will become UNCANCELLABLE

• Your website will be transformed from a lifeless bunch of pixels into a content POWERHOUSE

Welcome to the future 😎

You don’t fight Big Tech by building parallel centralized services.

Instead, you employ a DECENTRALIZED approach—like Focus OmniTweet!

If you’re a:

• Podcaster
• Streamer
• Influencer

I’ll be available for interviews, demos, and Q&A beginning Thursday, July 15.

Reach out!

On some level, we all know the “parallel centralized services” approach can never work.

I mean, hell, how many pretenders have already fallen by the wayside?

• Gab
• Parler
• Gettr
• Clubhouse

Probably others, too.

It’s time to go DECENTRALIZED!

As long as you only play on centralized playing fields—Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc—you have ZERO control.

You don’t own your content or your audience.

You’re just a useful idiot as long as you stick around.

It’s time to flip the script with Focus OmniTweet!

In the same way crypto is changing the power dynamics of finance…

Focus OmniTweet—a decentralized approach—is changing the power dynamics of content creation and social media distribution.

Want to learn more?

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Fight back against Big Tech!

  • Own and control your social media content
  • Grow your website through your social media efforts 🤔🤯
  • Become uncancellable
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