How can you fight back against Big Tech?

🚨 Want to fight back against Big Tech? 🚨

First, you must understand Big Tech’s primary source of power—CENTRALIZATION.

Here’s an example of how this works:

With Twitter, you use their app to post content to the site…

And that’s where your ownership/control ENDS.

At this point, what happens with your content is entirely up to Twitter:

• Do your tweets show up in your followers’ timelines?

• If you get banned, you LOSE your content!

• What if you want to reference old content to re-publish on a different platform?

Obviously, if you get banned, you lose access to Twitter. More specifically, you lose your audience, which is significant blow…

But IMO, that’s not the worst part!

No—losing your content and being unable to reference it or publish it elsewhere is an absolute DEATH BLOW ☠️

The centralized approach makes all of this possible.

Under this arrangement, everything you do on Twitter is something you’ve been PERMITTED to do.

But that permission can be revoked—savagely—at any time!

Twitter is the boss, and you have NO control.

Or do you? 🤔

You see, there’s a BIG SECRET Twitter doesn’t want you to know 🤫

You don’t have to give up ownership and control of your content to post it to Twitter!

Instead, you can use something called the Twitter API to post your content remotely.


You can post in a decentralized manner from apps, websites, or really any software that connects to the Twitter API.

You may have done this at some point over the past decade—apps like Twitteriffic enable remote (decentralized) posting.

But these apps got one thing wrong…


With every one of these remote-posting apps, you don’t own your content because your content only lives on Twitter.


This means you’re losing KEY BENEFITS:

• Content repurposing
• Easy historical reference
• Improving your website

But maybe you don’t want a website.

If so, I want to encourage you to change the way you think about websites!

Your website doesn’t have to “do” anything.

Instead, think of it as your own repository—

Create + store it in one place where you can do what you want with it!

What’s so great about this approach?

• It’s DECENTRALIZED: your website is the node from which your content “signal” emanates

• It’s SAFE from Big Tech: They can still cancel you, but they can’t cancel your content!

• It’s ENDURING: Family can browse content in the future

But you can’t just do this on your own—

You’ll need some special software to turn your website into a DECENTRALIZED NODE for content production.

Fortunately, this software already exists!

It’s called Focus OmniTweet, and it is THE WAY to fight back against Big Tech!

With Focus OmniTweet, you can create and post tweets or threads (like this one) to Twitter…

But in this case, you have FLIPPED THE SCRIPT because you are PERMITTING Twitter to publish content you’ve already created + published on your own property 🧠

There are other benefits, too.

For example, Focus OmniTweet automatically turns your threads into easy-to-read article pages that are PERFECT for sharing on any platform!

This drives people back to your website where you can engage them however you prefer—sales, opt-ins, etc.

These thread pages are also extremely potent for SEO and for making your website more robust.

I like to think about it like this:

I’m already putting a lot of effort into content production on social media.

But now I’m benefitting from it in a far more powerful way!

And I have OWNERSHIP + CONTROL—two things Twitter has deliberately taken from all of us.

This is the KEY to taking back power from Big Tech 🔑

This is our defense mechanism.

This is how we FIGHT BACK! 🔥

Win with Focus OmniTweet 👇🏿

You probably thought moving to other platforms like Gab, Parler, or Clubhouse was the most effective way to fight back against Big Tech.

Unfortunately, those are all just variations of the same basic problem—centralized platforms where you lose control, ownership, and benefits.

But now you see why other platforms can NEVER solve this problem!

It takes a DECENTRALIZED approach to take down a centralized leviathan.

And Focus OmniTweet is the ultimate way to do this while POWERING UP your website for the future ⚡️

Fight back against Big Tech!

  • Own and control your social media content
  • Grow your website through your social media efforts 🤔🤯
  • Become uncancellable
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