Social media cancellation: Disaster or opportunity?

With any endeavor in life…

If something NEGATIVE happens, it amounts to a big fat L


You are maniacally committed to learning from the experience so as to avoid such Ls in the future.

That’s why we must view cancellations as clarifying events!

If we do not absorb a new lesson from the experience, we will continue to take the same, tired Ls.


The primary lesson from BAP’s cancellation?

We have been denied the opportunity to engage in a mass citation event in response.

BAP’s audience could be amplifying his best signals at a frenetic pace today.

Instead, everyone is sitting around, sulking and lamenting the loss.

How would this work?

If BAP used Focus OmniTweet to post tweets and threads to his site FIRST…

And then cross-posted them to Twitter SECOND…

His audience could cite his content directly on his site.

They could post screenshots.


And BAP would still have a way to reach new people, grow his audience, and continue his mission unabated.

It’s quite literally a “help me help you” scenario.

Every big account should start using Focus OmniTweet IMMEDIATELY.

Today’s cancellation is a clarifying event.

If you produce high quality content, you MUST protect it!

And in doing so, you provide your audience with a way to HELP YOU in the event you deal with BULLSHIT like getting cancelled!

We can transform cancellation from this negative thing into a BLESSED, SIGNAL-BOOSTING EVENT!

Fight back against Big Tech.

But more importantly, PROTECT YOURSELF!

It’s like social media content insurance…

And it gives your audience a bulletproof way to cite your best work.

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