Why aren’t you benefitting from your social media content?

We still don’t know why BAP was banned.

But we *do* know what he could have done to encourage a tidal wave of exposure to his best content…

If he’d published his content with Focus OmniTweet, he would have:

• Protected it on his site
• Allowed everyone else to link to it

You’ve probably read tweets lamenting the BAP ban.

But have you seen/read any of his *actual* content in the past 36 hours?

This is the missing link in the [cancellation → audience response] cycle.

Instead of getting rekt by bans, big accounts should actually GET STRONGER!

Pressing F ain’t gonna cut it, fam.

I want to see a much more significant and meaningful flex:

Cut off one head, and two more grow back in its place 🐉

The only way to do this with social media content is to PERMISSIVELY PUBLISH it to your platform of choice.

This way, your content lives on your site and remains visible there, even if you get cancelled.

1. Publish on your site FIRST
2. Then post to Twitter/Faceberg/whatever

If your content is visible on your site, your fans/audience can still LINK TO IT or SCREENSHOT IT if you get cancelled.

Now ask yourself…

What do you think avid fans will do when you get cancelled and all your best content is available for easy linking and distribution? 🤔

Obviously, fans will promote the hell out of any and all CANCELLED CONTENT!

It’s the ultimate “dead man’s switch” in this Big Tech dystopia.

And you can do this TODAY with Focus OmniTweet.

See to believe 👇🏿👀


Here’s the thing, tho—

Having all my content be accessible to fans in the event of cancellation isn’t even my favorite thing about OmniTweet.

(Far from it, ackshually.)

I’m most excited about the way OmniTweet has put my content production on STEROIDS! 💪🏿

I installed Focus OmniTweet on my personal site on June 19.

Since then, I’ve created 19 new thread pages on my site (in addition to lots of tweets)

This is a veritable content RENAISSANCE!

My SEO and traffic are improving.

And I’m driving more eyeballs to my products 👀

Here’s another way to think about all this:

When you post directly to Twitter, the ONLY benefit you get is attention/engagement and perhaps new followers.

And Twitter can remove your content, the engagement, AND your audience in one fell swoop.

Not good!

In addition, when you post your content—and especially threads—directly to Twitter, YOU LOSE the following:

• Potential SEO benefits that accrue FOREVER
• Additional content on your site that bolsters its signal and makes it more authoritative
• Eyeballs on YOUR TURF!

Fam, this situation is analogous to working out all the time but giving your GAINZ to someone else!

Does that make any damn sense?

You’re already on social media doing the work.

Why the hell aren’t you adamant about benefitting from it? 😤

Focus OmniTweet also enables another SUPERPOWER I haven’t talked about yet…

It’s the best way to MONETIZE your social media content!

Like a WIZARD 🧙🏾‍♂️, you can turn eyeballs into opt-ins, sales, or anything else that directly benefits your business.

Here’s a (very basic) example:

I add a relevant product pitch to the bottom of my thread pages.

This takes SECONDS to do and gives visitors a high-impact “jumping off point” after they read the thread.

See it in action here:


Finally, a note about how you can get Focus OmniTweet, regardless of your website setup.

Even if you don’t use WordPress, you can install OmniTweet in a subfolder like so:


And your site will still get major SEO benefits this way!

Also, you can take this same approach if you’re already using WordPress but don’t want to change your Theme!

Bottom line: No matter where you’re at with your website, you can still integrate OmniTweet and start winning IMMEDIATELY.

Need some help or clarification? Just ask me!

Fight back against Big Tech!

  • Own and control your social media content
  • Grow your website through your social media efforts 🤔🤯
  • Become uncancellable
Check out Focus OmniTweet