The Only Thing on Your Resume that Matters to a Smart Person

I finished writing a long, in-depth entry about the discussion that ensued from yesterday’s TechCrunch post.

Then I deleted it.

I deleted it because a lot of people just weren’t getting the point. So, instead of going all in-depth and being overly meticulous (as is my habit), I figured I’d just come right out with the goods.

What really matters

Intelligent people really don’t care what’s on your resume. In fact, intelligent people don’t really give a damn about formal interviews, resumes, or anything of that sort. Sure, your portfolio matters, but even that’s secondary to the number one, be all, end all factor. It’s the one thing that matters above all else to any truly smart person with whom you’ll ever do business. What is it?

The Botticelli Anomaly on the moon

It’s you. It’s everything about your character. It’s every emotion you represent. It’s the reflection of your passions on your character. It’s how you represent yourself—verbally, physically, mentally, and socially.

It’s you.

Really good, really smart people actively seek out those with whom they share an intrinsic kinship. The capitalists among them are constantly on the lookout for those who stand head and shoulders above the crowd not only because of everything they represent now, but also because of everything that they could represent.

Just like Major League Baseball scouts judge talent on the basis of perceived potential, intelligent people rate others with the future in mind. The only basis they have for determining your future worth is your current character.

What really matters for YOU

No matter who you are or what you’re doing, people are going to try to classify you, to try and lump you into some kind of quantifiable group. While I think it sucks, the fact is, it’s human nature. We use devices like this to help us understand things; otherwise, we’d spend all our time running around, trying to catch up with all the anomalies and inconsistencies.

You want to go further? You want to catch the attention of the other intelligent people out there who will listen to you and appreciate you because of who you are? You want to step outside the classification that successfully stifles about 99.9% of our ridiculous corporate culture?

Be an anomaly.

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