Where is Web Publishing Heading in 2010?

I like to solve problems. At this point in my life, I’m focused on solving the fundamental problems of Web design and development through my business, DIYthemes, and my software, Thesis.

One of the most compelling things I’ve learned in the past year, however, is that it’s not good enough to crank out “sufficient” solutions to problems. Truly sustainable answers require a style of thinking that involves patience, perspective, skill, testing, and unbiased criticism. Additionally, it’s crucial to realize that the best solutions we can generate should be reflective of our own human nature—in other words, we must strive to make them as adaptable as we are.

Through my work on Thesis, I’ve begun to see all sorts of new connections that reveal the direction the Web is heading, and I know that I can use these insights to figure out better solutions to the problems I’m already tackling.

Recently, I sat down with Nick Reese from Art of Blog to talk about some of these insights and to share my thoughts heading into 2010. Check out the original interview:

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