Interested in Thesis? Get it Now in this Limited-offer Black Friday Sale

Thesis Black Friday Sale

Update: The Thesis Black Friday Sale has ended, and although it caused quite a frenzy, I have left this experience with a newfound distaste for sales. The last thing I want to do is mess with the psyche of potential customers, and sales have the ugly side effect of conditioning buyers into thinking that what you offer can always be had for less.

We’re having a Black Friday Sale over at DIYthemes, and from now until supplies run out, you can get Thesis at an unprecedented 20% discount. To cash in, simply enter the following coupon code when you purchase or upgrade:

edit: code removed because the sale has ended

When I say “until supplies run out,” I’m being completely serious. People who are great at promoting Thesis and explaining its benefits have already pimped this sale, and as I write this, there are literally only 94 out of 150 coupons remaining.

If you’ve been indecisive about getting Thesis and checking it out, right now is the absolute cheapest you’ll ever be able to get the theme.