Focus, Elements, and Flow: What We Learn from a Feng Shui Room Diagram

feng shui room diagram

The diagram above shows a simple sitting room.

The focus—or goal—of this room is to drive human visitors to the couch and chair to encourage conversation, interaction, and comfort.

To achieve this goal, the furniture must be arranged in such a way that the energy in the room flows freely—and suggestively—around the objects of interest.

Feng shui gives us three key components to make our goal a reality:

  1. Focus — The goal of the sitting room is to encourage conversation, interaction, and comfort by suggestively driving humans to the couch and chair. To make sure we achieve the intended result, we must approach this goal with an unwavering, single-minded focus.
  2. Elements — In this case, the elements are the physical dimensions of the room plus the furniture in it. Our job is to arrange these elements in such a way as to dictate the intended flow of energy in the room and achieve the desired goal.
  3. Flow — This is the actual flow of energy through the room. It is not happenstance; on the contrary, the flow is derived from the elements in the room.

Flow determines how well we are able to achieve our focus. We can use elements to bend and twist the flow in order to achieve maximum focus.

Now that we’ve seen how this stuff works in houses, let’s see how it applies to websites!

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