New Furniture is Sweeeeeet

My living room officially has prime real estate for butt comfort. Sure, the floor has been there since I bought the house, but the dogs have already claimed that, and trust me – you DON’T want any part of it. Of course, now, there’s a bit of familial concern over whether or not the dogs will claim the new couches. I’ve spoken with the dogs since the arrival of the new digs, however, and we’ve reached a mutual agreement. They can keep the floor and the chaise lounge, and I get the couches…Oh, and I get dibs on the best, most comfortable spot in the bed for life. That one’s not negotiable.

If you had asked me what kind of couches I thought I’d end up getting, I doubt that I would have conjured up this particular style and color in my mind’s eye. Honestly, though, these are PERFECT for my house, and they mesh seamlessly with my other furniture, the wall moulding, and the flooring (there’s wood in the foyer).

Since I’m a design whore, I’ll take you through a quick rundown of the features that I like most about my new couches:

  • Rectangular design: the tight lines created by the large rectangles echo a modern, spartan feel – two elements that I really like as far as interior design goes.
  • Brushed aluminum accents: the legs, which are also sharply rectangular, feature a retro-modern, brushed aluminum look, which gives the design a decidedly “technical” feel. I’m a techie, so this is good stuff from my perspective.
  • Two cushion design: excluding really expensive, really crazy couches, you typically get to choose between two or three cushion designs. Personally, I prefer two cushions because the overall look is much flatter and cleaner. Plus, I like how the one line of separation in the middle creates a nice balance and symmetry. Ahh. (I’m a perfectionist, okay? This stuff is like gold!)

So what’s your take? Are you a fan of “contemporary” furniture? Do you like Asian-inspired pieces (I totally do)? What about that old country look? You know, the one that comes with more cowbell and makes me want to puke?