Kicked Out

I’ve been temporarily (permanently?) relegated from the bedroom, and since I don’t feel like diving into any hard core work at the moment, I figure I may as well take this opportunity to BMAO. Blog my ass off.

Geek Speak in Less than a Week

Lately, it’s been all about work, which is probably the reason why the best line I’ve come up with here in the last two weeks was:

my stupidity detector is buzzing like Tara Reid at an open bar

Ummm yeah.

So anyway, I’m trying to wrap up a huge gig this week, and that’s all fine and dandy, ’cause I’m ready to get back to some hard core bloggin’. In fact, I’ve been so into everything else I’ve been doing that I forgot to mention that I was interviewed last Thursday for a pretty nice article that’s going to run in this Sunday’s Courier-Journal.

What’s the article about, you ask?


More specifically, the reporter’s assignment was to find out (via interviews) exactly what forces are driving the explosive growth of the blogosphere and also the phenomenon that is Beauty and the Geek.

In a nutshell, I explained to her that the confluence of reality TV and internet growth has given a greater voice to the “geeks” among us, and this, in turn, has persuaded many Americans to look beyond dying social paradigms and to actually appreciate the geek within. Of course, then I realized that I had given her a pretty geeky response…I don’t suppose there was any winning that one.

They went all out for the freakin article, too, by sending a photographer out to a local Starbucks to take a few unflattering mugshots of yours truly. On Sunday, when the article runs, I’ll get my first look at those pics, and like any good blogger, I’ll link the crap out of that article from here (assuming it gets posted to the web). Remember, I live in a tier 2 or 3 technical city, so I’m saying the odds of the story getting posted the day of (a Sunday, no less) are about 2 in 5. And I’m being generous.

Needless to say, I’ve given you a reason to go on through Sunday.

A little Indie love before I go…

I just checked the Indie Virus metrics a bit ago on Technorati, and all I could think was, “Man, if this were a pyramid marketing scheme, I’d be rollin phat schtacks down in the MIA.”

On one hand, the Indie Virus is decidedly not a pyramid marketing scheme, but on the other hand, it’s still pretty cool. It’s been interesting to watch it filter through one avenue and then have it get dispersed 3, 9, 27 times because of just one initial link. This, of course, finally led me to understand a mainstay of mathematic notation, the factorial.

Why are factorials notated like this: 3!

Because from a marketing perspective, numbers that multiply that fast are freakin exciting! So there ya go, mathematicians do have a sense of humor after all.

While we’re at it, here are some more links you can get excited about:

(edit: dead links removed)

Alright, I’m gonna go see if I can sneak back into bed – that is, assuming the dogs haven’t claimed all the open real estate. Sadly, I already know better.

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