More Non A-List Gems

Although it looks like SXSW has brought the blogosphere to a screeching halt, I still want to infect a few more people with The Indie Virus while I’ve got some idle time. After one day of the experiment, exactly zero links are showing up on Technorati. Of course, if you’ve followed Technorati for any amount of time, then you know my last sentence carries about as much weight as a girl who is two weeks pregnant.

Anyhoo, a couple of girlie bloggers are gonna get The Indie Virus today – Kristin and Renee [links removed]. To what do they owe the honor? Both of them change components of their designs more than anyone else I’ve come across. Kristin’s got a new header every time I turn around, and Renee swaps themes like Superman in a phone booth.

So now, Kristin becomes the second recipient of The Indie Virus, and Renee, who’s also a Kentucky-based blogger, gets in on the action, too! Think of this as something you can spread without being called slutty…Yeeeeehaw!

I give this thing two weeks before it’s a 300 lb. gorilla. Oh, and although Technorati hasn’t picked up on it yet, Irish Wonder was the first to bust out a trackback to The Indie Virus, so he gets major e-props for that.

Very cool. It will be 1000x cooler when people I don’t know begin to pass the virus between one another.

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