Golden Ratio Typography

Check out the Golden Ratio Typography Calculator, and be sure to grab a free, responsive GRT CSS loadout for your own projects!

Golden Ratio Typography (GRT) is the science of using the golden ratio to determine precise typographic proportions like font sizes, line heights, and associated spacing.

While the main purpose of GRT is to serve as a foundation for aesthetically pleasing designs, there’s another huge benefit:

GRT enables the creation of dynamic, variable-driven layouts that can retain proportionality in any environment.

Uhhh, sure, but what the hell does that mean?

It means you can change the font size of a layout built with GRT, and dozens—even hundreds—of other values in your CSS will adjust to maintain perfect proportionality with this new font size.

This enables rapid customization and prototyping with a level of precision that simply has not been possible before.

Heck, GRT even makes responsive adjustments more organized and easier to handle.

Head on over to the GRT Calculator and see what this is all about, or else dive into the links below for more information about GRT:

Did you know? Official Thesis Skins from DIYthemes include Golden Ratio Typography by default!