My friends and I talk a lot about Ebay, and I guess you could say we randomly brainstorm about things that may or may not be hot items on there. Well, a couple of weeks ago, we were all over at this dude’s house, and Trading Spouses happened to be on. But this wasn’t just your run-of-the-mill episode–this was part 1 of Marguerite Perrin, GOD WARRIOR. That’s right, God Warrior.

So naturally, we were throwing around ideas for how people could make money off of this obese freak. T-shirts, bumper stickers, well…mostly t-shirts. I think the idea we liked best at the time was for a t-shirt containing a Rambo-like character in a white robe carrying a gun…accompanied by the GOD WARRIOR tagline. The consensus opinion at the time, I assume, was that Margy was so damn ugly that you couldn’t sell anything with her blubbery mug on it. Since this was only the first episode featuring Perrin, I guess we underestimated her extreme marketability.

Fast forward two weeks (after the final episode with Margy P.; you know, the one where she flips her lid), and now the God Warrior bobblehead is NUMBER ONE on the Ebay Pulse. Amazing. Her bumper stickers are selling like crazy, too.

I still want a good GOD WARRIOR t-shirt design that isn’t so campy like those bumper stickers. Heh, I smile whenever I hear GOD WARRIOR anymore, and I highly recommend trying to work that into casual conversation with your friends. You can be annoying AND pseudo-religious/fanatic. And of course, you’ll want everyone to know that you’re not DARKSIDED, because that’s what GOD WARRIORS do. And you SO want to be one.

Honestly, after viewing that first episode, all I could think of was how this was such HORRIBLE publicity for Christianity–you’d think there’d be some kind of coalition out to stamp out this kind of thing. What are your thoughts on that? For the record, fanaticism in any form is completely effed up and downright SCARY.

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