I Gamble with Stars

We’re staying at the Aladdin, and yesterday, Courtney’s brother (who’s here with us), said that he saw Britney Spears down at the craps tables in the morning. Nobody thought too much of it at the time, and I had all but forgotten about it until today.

Last night, I learned how to play craps, and after a two hour session, I walked away from the table with an extra $200. While we were walking through the casino this morning after breakfast, I noticed that one craps table was looking pretty lively. Naturally, I went over to get a closer look at the action, and satisfied with the vibe, I bought in for $100. I stood next to some dude who was sporting a ponytail and about $100,000 worth of jewelry. The table was nearly full, so I kinda had to scoot the guy out of the way, but whatever – I needed my space. Although I thought it was weird that this grunge-chic lookin dude was wearing a ridiculous amount of gold, I really didn’t give it too much heed, and I continued to play the game along with everyone else. One of the dealers said, “Good luck, Kevin,” and gave the dice to the guy next to me – and the game was on.

Overnight, the craps table, which had been a $5 table the night before, became a $10 table on Saturday morning. I didn’t know this, and after crapping out on the second freakin roll of the dice, I was a little disappointed because I knew I’d have to pony up more dough to get the results I was lookin for. On top of that, I was making Courtney sit there while I played, so I decided it’d be best to go up to the room, poop, get my shit together for the day, and then head back down to gamble.

Although it had only been a couple of minutes, I decided it would be best to pack it in for the time being so we could get everything ready for the rest of the day. As soon as I left the table, though, Courtney grabbed my arm, and she was like,

Hey, did you know who that guy was?

Of course, I had no idea.

That’s Britney Spears’ husband, dummy.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh. NOW it all makes sense. Zillion dollars worth of jewelry…”Good luck, Kevin.” Ahhhh. And I just scooted this guy out of the way like it was nothing. He did bestow a bit of unbridled wisdom on me before I left, though. He said,

I think the table’s turnin cold now.

So, there you have it, folks. I gamble with stars.

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