The Ultimate Gadget Giveaway at Celebrity Hack!

Celebrity HackWhat would you do for a free video iPod, a free digital camera, or other free gadgety goodness? Would you write an article? Would you create a wicked Photoshop mock-up for a competition? Would you… you get the idea.

What if all you had to do was make people laugh?

It’s no joke; each week on, we’ll be giving away a free tech toy to the funniest commenter, as determined by you, the user, and our panel of snarky judges. On top of that, you’ll have lots of chances to win because you can enter one bit of comedic genius per post — and we’re posting as fast as I can add embarrassing thought/speech bubbles to celebrity pics.

Now go! Register (edit: link removed), drop punchlines like it’s your job (it’s way more fun than your job, actually), and win a killer gadget on me — this week, it’s a Video iPod!