9rules – Fashionably late ;)

I just checked my clock, and it’s offically 1 minute into December. After packing up what seemed like a million things I sold on Ebay, I reflexively checked my e-mail like any good web junky. Besides the 50 emails from PayPal saying that I created a shipping label (because the HARD COPY off the printer wasn’t evidence enough), there was also a lonely message in my primary inbox.

Okay, so if you just asked yourself how I sold a million things but only printed 50 shipping labels, I’d like to introduce you to this little thing called hyperbole. I know you two have just met, but really – he’s easy to get along with. Ready to read on, Mr./Mrs. Anal Retentive?

Back to the lecture at hand, a la Snoop Dogg. If you don’t get it, read on. So anyway, I’ve got this lonely message in my inbox, and lo and behold, it’s from Scrivs at 9rules. Score. According to the 9rules blog, November 30th was supposed to be the last day that people would be notified as to whether or not they got accepted into the network. The timestamp on my email says 10:37 pm, giving me a cool 1:23 to spare – I can do math like that because 1. I’m a degreed ENGINEER (whoa!) and 2. I’m a 9ruler.

Okay, okay, on a more serious note…Back in September, I found out about 9rules through Airbag Industries, and I only got there because I thought that “colorful leafy logo” was cool. That’s right: I judged a book by its cover and totally scored on the deal. At the time, I was simply in awe of all the cool sites and wonderful designs in the network, and I drew inspiration from the likes of Airbag, girlspoke, avalonstar, the 9rules homepage, and undoubtedly a bunch of others who I can’t rattle off the top of my head at the moment. Since I didn’t even have a blog at the time, I never even entertained the idea of becoming a part of the network.

Well, two sites, a ridiculous number of re-designs, designs that never made it onto a server, and two webhosts later, I’m a 9ruler. God help us all. Can we get some e-champagne in here? Scrivs, how bout some e-Cristal? I heard you had the hookup…

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