Thesis Black Friday Sale

Update: The Thesis Black Friday Sale has ended, and although it caused quite a frenzy, I have left this experience with a newfound distaste for sales. The last thing I want to do is mess with the psyche of potential customers, and sales have the ugly side effect of conditioning buyers into thinking that what you offer can always be had for less.

We’re having a Black Friday Sale over at DIYthemes, and from now until supplies run out, you can get Thesis at an unprecedented 20% discount. To cash in, simply enter the following coupon code when you purchase or upgrade:

edit: code removed because the sale has ended

When I say “until supplies run out,” I’m being completely serious. People who are great at promoting Thesis and explaining its benefits have already pimped this sale, and as I write this, there are literally only 94 out of 150 coupons remaining.

If you’ve been indecisive about getting Thesis and checking it out, right now is the absolute cheapest you’ll ever be able to get the theme.

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Jonathan November 27, 2008

Just bought mine. Was waiting for such a sale. Thanks.


Wassim November 27, 2008

Am I already too late? Come on!


Jill November 27, 2008

Looking for some kinda way to contact you. Trying here, tried the Thesis blog, tried Twitter. Your system won’t send me my login info so I can buy the upgrade.


puglyfeet November 29, 2008

Linguistic porn? Cool!


Ara December 29, 2008

OOT Chris,
How to contact you? I just wanna inform about your Thesis Theme.



Jordan (elegantDIGITAL) January 13, 2009

Thesis is incredible… One week ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of paying money for a WordPress theme. Now, I’m seriously considering laying down $77 for the developer’s option.

Just one thing… When are you going to update your blog!? I want more Thesis-y musings from the mind of Chris Pearson!


Johan Ronnestam January 15, 2009

Cannot seem to find any information on how to get hold of you. A quick note: I’m running a blog on innovative communication and advertising, featured on the Showcase page for Thesis. ( )

Right now in Sweden there’s a competition where people vote for the best Swedish marketing and trend blog. Mine is nominated in two categories at (Johan Ronnestam)

So, if everything goes alright you’ll have an awarded Swedish blogger dressed up in Thesis!

Thanks for great posts!


tobiCOM January 27, 2009

Hi admin
i love ure Theme!
Where can i find it?


Daniel January 28, 2009

Hi Chris!

Did you get my email?

/Daniel from swedish Magazine Café


ruigato February 13, 2009

just unsubcrived form your blog, last update was months ago


Chris Pearson February 13, 2009

ruigato — Ah, all those updates you weren’t getting in your feed reader were really screwing up your chi, huh?


liz February 14, 2009

just purchased thesis but did not get link to download, had to buy thesis because pressrow would not work, was one step away from completing blog and pressrow just would not work, but now i can’t finish project because i’m unable to download thesis….
help please


Chris Pearson February 15, 2009

Liz — You purchased Thesis with an eCheck (as opposed to using a credit card or an existing PayPal balance), and this type of payment usually takes 3–5 business days to clear. Once your payment clears, you’ll receive an activation email from DIYthemes letting you know that your account is ready to rock.


DaveZatz February 18, 2009

Any more discounts coming? Also, I suggest giving read access to the forums and providing screen shots of the config pages. Plenty of demos to see what Thesis looks like as a visitor, but not much (current) info (that I could find) on administering the theme and pimping it out. Thanks!


Joey March 19, 2009

Bummer, I just bought it two nights ago at full price!

Honestly, when I first saw your ads for your theme. I thought “good marketing” but no way I would purchase it. I broke down and did, and I am genuinely impressed with your work!


Jason of Kim & Jason March 21, 2009

Hi Chris. I am very interested in Thesis, but had one question. It seems very customizable, but I need to have different sidebar content for different pages. For example, I’d like to have a list of categories and links to products I sell on the home page, but I’m also a speaker, so I’d rather have the sidebar on those pages contain testimonials and photos of me speaking. Is this something that can be done with Thesis? In all of the sites I’ve seen running Thesis, they all seem to have the same sidebar content on every page.



WordPress Delight October 7, 2009

Chris – Thesis is awesome and just gets better with each new version! I built WordPress Delight, my premium wordpress themes showcase site, on Thesis and am loving the result. Thesis of course is the featured theme on the site :) Keep up the great work!


Chris Pearson October 7, 2009

WordPress Delight — Thanks, man; your site looks awesome!


Steven Sanchez October 17, 2009

At BlogWorld and want to buy your theme. It’s Saturday and I’m reading about your Black Friday sale. Can I get please take advantage of your sale? Ready to buy.


Angie October 19, 2009

I was wondering if you offered a money back guarantee on Thesis. I notice a lot of professional/premium theme sites have it but I can’t see it on yours. It would be great if you had one because at the moment I’m sitting on the fence of whether I should buy it or not because I don’t want to waste money on a theme that I decide after using it that I dislike. There may be others out there that would also be swayed into buying your theme if there was a guarantee like that.


Chris Pearson October 19, 2009

Steven — The Black Friday Sale was in 2008, and we have not had a sale since. We don’t plan to have any more sales in the future; in fact, the next time the price changes, it’s going up :D

Angie — Thesis comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you won’t have to risk a nickel!


John Phipps June 19, 2010

How do I get in contact. No info on DIY. I bought a developer edition in March 2009 and cannot get the latest update. Why so hard to contact?


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