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Mark February 28, 2007

Very cool.

I often look at my photoshop interface, after a few hours of grafting on some design files and think, “I should take a screenshot, print this out and put it on my wall!”


Cory OBrien February 28, 2007

While the entire screenshot is great, I think the snip that you posted as the link is even cooler in a very scrapbooky sort of way. Great inside look at the workflow though.


Brian Gardner March 4, 2007

LMAO on the Antonella checklist. Been a lurker here recently, time to de-lurk. Great site Chris!


Philip Arthur Moore March 27, 2007

Chris, where you been, bro?! I keep obsessively visiting your blog but we haven’t heard from you in a while. I hope all is well with you and hope you’re busy because you’re doing great work for other people. Keep up the excellent work around here.

P.s. Celebrity Hack is a riot!


Political Monster April 2, 2007

Awesome :P


Amy April 16, 2007

Your blog is great! Definately the best damn blog. But you haven’t posted in forever!!


Stijn April 19, 2007

It almost feels like the silence before the storm. Here’s hoping everything is alright.


Leonard Klaatu April 19, 2007

He’s busy counting all his money.


Aaron Bobrink April 19, 2007

Seriously, where you at Chris?


Chris P. April 19, 2007

Yo everybody,

I’m definitely still here, and I appreciate your comments and interest.

The last two months have been extremely involved, full of incredible learning opportunities and also some poor decisions (that basically cost me the time to update this site).

I’ve got a few ideas for posts and tutorials, and I’ll hopefully schlep the first of those together this weekend.

And Leonard, as far as counting money goes, you were half right—I was fiddling with my taxes for much of the last week :)

Anyway, I’ve decided to restructure my workload in order to focus solely on running Websites professionally. I’ll be managing both Pearsonified and Celebrity Hack, and that’ll be it.

Quite frankly, I’m making this move because I am passionate about running killer Web sites, and I’ve spent far too long doing other things in the name of the almighty dollar.

It’s about time I took my own advice, don’t you think?


Aaron Bobrink April 20, 2007

Glad to hear it Chris. I figured you were just keeping yourself busy with other projects, but I kept my faith that you would return :)

It’s not too often that I stick around after almost 2 months of no action you know…


Leonard Klaatu April 20, 2007

Word has it that SplashPress Media bought Tubetorial and Cutline from you and Brian – so I figured you were counting big bucks. Well, okay – a moderate amount of bucks. And yes, you should take your own advice and do what you want. Here, here!


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