Holy Smokes! Is Pearsonified the Best Designed Weblog?

2007 Bloggy Awards Nomination

Completely out of the blue, I learned on Friday that Pearsonified was nominated for a 2007 Bloggy Award. Specifically, I’m a finalist in the “Best Designed Weblog” category, which is pretty cool considering my name is out there alongside Veerle Pieters and Khoi Vinh, two people whose work I’ve referenced and linked up in the past. I don’t know how I got nominated or who was responsible, but to whoever had a hand in things — thank you!

Now, head on over to the Bloggy Awards site and give me a vote, eh? And while you’re there, vote for my dawg Brian of Copyblogger, who was nominated for the “Best Web Development Weblog.” Heck, Copyblogger’s tips have helped to make this site successful over the past year, and if it weren’t for his development ideas, I probably wouldn’t have gotten nominated at all. Now how’s that for a circuitous bit of back scratching?

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